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Blue Collar Basketball MLK Showcase Sleepers

Check out Jaron Pierre Mathurine’s Sleeper List from the Blue Collar Basketball MLK Showcase

James Lovorn-TL Hanna
It was mentioned during the broadcast that the sophomore guard was a 48% 3 point shooter and as the game went on he showed why. He was comfortable letting it fly from the top and seemed to know his spots pretty well. Its not easy coming to the peach state as a soph and having your first battle against Tre Clark, but the sophomore guard showed lots of promise, and shows how he can be an impact player from beyond the arc.

Matthew Lane- Etowah
Lane stood out to me because of all the effort and hustle plays he made. He came up with some big blocks, a few steals and even tried to get the momentum going with a couple of dunks. He finished with 12 points and looks to use this tough loss as a building block for this 2nd half run.

Quincy Ademokoya- Dacula
Ademokoya played a key role in the win for Dacula. He was very aggresive in cleaning up the glass and being in the right spots at the right time. Quincy finished with 14pts and was one of three players for this Dacula team in double digits. His aggresiveness on the glass and ability to run the floor had Dacular feeling good majority of the game.

Jalen Fulwood- Wesleyan
The stat sheet doesn’t necessarily show the impact jalen had on this game. Another one of Wesleyan’s younger guys, you can tell Jalen is still getting comfortable with himself. He had a couple of layups for easy baskets but it was his defense that stood out most. A couple of possesions he would stare his opponet dead in there eyes as he would guard them and stay with them all over the court. Things like that can get into a players head and check them out of the game and that can contribute to alot of wins which is the only stat that matters at the end of the day. Also curious to see what his fastball looks like as well!!

Christian Williams- Peachtree Ridge
The junior guard came out with a vengeance against Heritage and boosted his stock a bit, he was very aggressive with the ball and very aggressive penetrating the basket. Christian also displayed his range beyond the arc connecting on multiple three’s throughout the game and always seeming to be in an open spot, showing he can move and being impactful without the ball in his hands.

Potential/Intruiging Shyear Mouzone- Newton
With Newtons next man up mentality and how well of a system they have running over there, i wouldn’t be surprised if Shyear was their next project of some sort. Replacing high-level talent is never easy but having a building block like Shyear can relieve some of that pressure. I also like that fact that Shyear is a junior which gives him about a year and a half to continue developing plus his future endeavors, so it will be fun to monitor his progress and see if he can put it all together. He posses the length and size to be an impact player, but you can see his skills are very raw. remember his name, Newton might have something in the works.

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