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Blue Collar Basketball Showcase Review

The 7th Annual BCB MLK Showcase in the books, Jaron Pierre Mathurine brings us his thoughts and analysis on this great event put on by Sam Allen ……

Coaching: Lakeview Academy
Lakeview trailed majority of the game, but the spectator side of me had a feeling they were going to pull it off. After a pretty sluggish start, Head Coach made some adjustments, the ball started moving and shots started to fall. Lakeview never looked flustered, coached never seemed to aggressive, he kept it simple, kept the game plane smooth, had alot of different players touch the court and ran some beautiful sets that lead to open shots. I have noticed alot in the private school leagues its alot more fundamental and X and Os opposed to run and gun, fast paced high scoring action. This shows you the patience and beauty of basketball and how the game is won playing together, communicating and keeping it simple.
MOP: Tre Clark-Newton
Tre is just sickening at this point. This is consecutive times and VCUs assistant Jamal Brunt can vouch for me, and in his own words Tre had “Given us another show”. Also this is the second that I have seen Tre in action thrown himself an alley oop, need I say more on why he is my most outstanding player. The kid comes to play every game, he gets his teammates involved, he’s vocal on the court, smooth, the game just follows him. He controls the tempo, it’s on the beat of his drum and with the team he has around him and the energy he has around him it is fun to watch. I have never seen a layup package like his and how consistent he finishes around the rim with a clear lane or in traffic. I can pinpoint so many plays where Tre showed of his IQ wherher it be having a clear lane for an easy dunk but he does a step back and pull up for 3, or the two on one he had were he eruo’d the defender for an easy 2. It’s one thing to have performances like this but when you’re doing this on a consistent basis it’s becoming scary and people are needing to take note of this. Tre has seen his stock boost tremendously and the hard work is paying off.
MVP: Brenden Tucker- Dacula
Dacula has to be one of the more intriguing teams in the state. Their talent and record don’t necessarily translate so when you see it on paper it doesn’t look good but when you see them in action they are pretty good lead. Brendan Tucker the senior committed to College of Charleston Came out to play as he usually does and was the most valuable player in the gym. On the court his game, his swagger, his demeanor, all scream mature. He doesn’t play around with his food, he doesn’t play around one the court, it’s one move bucket, one move, assist, one move score. He also showed his defensive skills early getting two quick steals in the opening minutes. One leading to a dunk that got the team type and another easy layup. This set the tone for Dacula and caused Etowah to call early time out. Etowah fought back and took the lead late in the game but Brenden also took over in the second half late came up with some big plays to pick up the W which is why he was my MVP.
Standouts: Blake McIntyre-Lakeview Academy
Blake was another player who was smooth, swaggy, and fun to watch. He broke the ice early getting alot lf shots up and waking his teammates up but it didn’t take long before they began falling. He was smooth penetrating the lane, showed off the floater and mid range a bit, and was showing true point guard abilities. He is a 5’9 5’10 pg with alot of dog in him, knows exactly what he is doing on the court, and can lead a unit to alot of wins at the next level. He finished with 15pts in the win and avgs 16pts on the season so as you can also see, consistency is not a problem.
Adam Cottrell-Lakeview Academy
The second half of the Lakeview Acadmey combination was Adam who found his stroke in the second half and kept this game out of reach. Lakeview was trailing majority of the game but once Adam started to find his rhythm he lead the comeback and kept this game out of reach. You can see the maturity in Adam’s game and why he is the leading score on this team and I could tell night in and night out him and Blake are usually trading buckets against opposing teams. This Lakeview unit as a whole was really well but Adam was crucial to this teams win.Micah Smith- Wesleyan
On the other end of the Lakeview Academy game was a 5’10 bull in Micah Smith. Micah was very tough and aggressive getting to the basket, and he also showed his touch shooting the three ball. Micah fought hard for this Wesleyan team, but late in the stretch Lakeview was just too much. Micah is also a football standout who is getting some attention in that sport so I could just imagine how tough he is on the field and he brings that toughness onto the court. Micah finished with 18pts (4-6 ft), I can definitely see this Juniors stock rising as well. Keep up the good work!!
Niles McAdoo- Creekside
It was a cold morning and Creekside tipped off against Milton for the 12 o’clock opening game. The rust definitely showed on Creekside but Niles was a bright spot. He started off his scoring with the buzzer beater to end the first half and he did not look back. Once the second half started he continued to let it fly and this was something that Niles looked like he was used to. He finished with 21 points and a plethora of 3’s. He had a really nice form and he was confident in every shot. The game got away from Creekside early but it was still good to see Niles continue to fight for his team.
Armani Harris- Newton
Armani, Animal.. same thing!! I was sitting in the stands close to our broadcast section and then a couple of times I had to go down to adjust some things and I decided while i was closer to the court to get a closer look at the action. While I was down there you can really see how Armani’s physicality alone impacts a game. He is much stronger than he looks, and he can put the ball on the ground. When he builds momentum he is like a freight train, and he has a skill set that can see him extend his game further than the post. He likes to put himself in the position as a basket to be fed for a drop step dark and that usually gets the Rams going. A Georgia rep for Newton but his Twitter feed says New York and you can definitely see that up north style in his game. His hard work and effort’s earned him his first scholarship and that should go to show all the young hoopers hard work never goes unnoticed. He finished with 21pts 7rebs
Donaven Hariston- Milton
The last time I saw Donaven he took then a nasty spill which gave him a concussion and put him out of action for a while. Now back and recovered i was excited to see him in action at full strength. One of the more consistent players in the state Donoven put all of his skills on display. He showed off his crafty and patient ball handling skills, his high percentage jump shot, and finding the open lanes for easy layups. Milton puts 4 guards on the court who are all capable of rebounding and leading a break so with Donaven you never know where to catch him on the court making a play. He finished with a team high 23(5-6ft)pts, 4ast,3stl and continued to show why he is more than ready to play at the next level.
Malachi Martin- Milton
Mr. Make a Play, Mr. Consistent, or simply Malachi produced another solid performance in the win for Milton as well. Another one of the four guards that I can rebound the ball well and set up the break Malachi is always in the right spot making a play the guy who usually leaves a team in charges tonight was able to do some scoring and provide buckets for this Milton team. Every team needs a player like Malachi, a player who doesn’t necessarily care about points or stats or the glamour, he just wants to make a play and he wants to win. He is that senior every coach dreams of and he continues to produce night in and night out. He contributed 15 points in the win.

Jaxon Etter- Etowah
As a Cherokee county native Jaxon Etter was a kid whose name I see a lot in the headlines dominating that area. This was my first time seeing Etter in action and I had no idea what to expect but one thing is for certain, Etter comes ready to play. Etter showed off the range, showed off the touch, but what I liked about etter most was his pace and how smooth he was on the court. He moves very well with the ball, doesn’t get lost or flustered much by defenses and can finish in traffic really well. He definitely knows what he is doing on the court, and at points made the game look simple. Another place who is not extra, but keeps it simple, and plays smart basketball

Josh Guilford- Heritage(Conyers)
Guilford was a loose cannon for Heritage coming off the tip. He let it fly one and never looked back. He contributed to 21 of the teams 32 first half points. He cooled off tremendously in the second half but aside from his shooting, Guilford did a good job moving around the court and creating opportunities for himself when he was the ball handler. With as much as he runs and his size I can already sense he wears defenders down just moving around the court finding open spaces to let it fly. Guilford can do serious damage, and although his second half was slow he still impressed.

BJ Knight- Peachtree Ridge
What BJ does from the free throw line on, is on a D1 level and you can not tell me other wise. His mid range is one of the most consistent in the state and the way he can break down a zone is second to none. A free throw to him is pretty much a layup and he shows it time and time again. When you have a 6’11 monster like Rich Rivers inside protecting every time around the rim, spacing is everything and BJ uses that to his advantage. He is very skilled, with a high IQ and very underrated.


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