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36 Aquinas vs South Shore 73

South Shores impressed everyone Friday night with their fast paced, hard nose defending, New York style of play in a loss against the defending 7A Champs Meadowcreek. South shores was headlined by Dwight Davis Jr, Kadary Richmond, and Femi Odukale. All three of these players were athletic, could shoot the ball exceptionally well and took pride in defense. Really not knowing too much about how New York is played, I know defense is a big emphasis and South Shore showed that in there win against Aquinas.

Aquinas could take a lot from that defeat on the bright side. That team is filled with sophomores and juniors so the program is in good hands for the future. Lead by Zy Wright, Johnathan Taylor and Chris Williams, this has a handful of hard nose role players and is a team that should make another run to a state title.

South Shore
Dwight Davis Jr.-14pts 2 reb 1 ast

Femi Odukale- 23pts 2 reb 1 ast

Kadary Richmond – 8pts 4rebs 4ast

Phillips Joesph – 9pts 4 rebs 1ast
Johnathan Taylor – 17 pts 8rebs 1ast

Zy Wright- 8 pts 4rebs 3ast

Chris Williams- 8pts 6 rebs

47 Pace Academy vs Stars Mill 37

Pace was led by Soph Cole Middleton, Josh Mininberg, Madison Durr rounded out by Jr. Reign Watkins. Middleton to be a Sophomore is ahead of his time and one of the better post players I have seen. He was physical, patient in the post, and aggressive attacking, while shooting at a consistent rate. He has a feel for the low block and is not scared to battle with the best of em. Mininberg hit 3-3’s throughout the contest showing that will be his role for this pace team throughout the year. Guards Madison Durr and Reign Watkins did a good job penetrating defenses and getting to the line. The most impressive thing was Coach Sharman White, as he never looks flustered, and he is NEVER out of a game until the clock strikes 0. Good win for Pace and keep an eye out for them as the year continues.

I was really impressed with Starr’s Mill, they were by Junior Jermaine Mann, he did not disappoint and he showed why he is one of the better athletes in the state as well. When Mann is 15 feet from the basket, playing with his back to the basket, he is virtually unstoppable. He is so strong and can jump out the gym, he also had a monster chase down block to set the gym off. Senior Nate Allison and Jr. Daryl Rice also contributed good efforts. Allison another post player who ran the floor really well and was a good presence down low while his hit some big 3’s to keep the momentum up. Although there efforts weren’t enough to win, they have a lot to look forward to this season.

Cole Middleton 14pts 3rebs

Reign Watkins- 9 pts 1reb 3ast

Josh Miniburg- 11pts 1reb

Myles Todd- 7pts 3reb

Stars Mill:
Jamaine Mann-14P 11R 2A 2B

Daryl Rice-10P 2R 2S (3 3PM)

Nate Allison-8P 8R

65 DME Academy vs Heritage 48

From the opening tip DME Controlled this game. Two teams with quite a few next level players, showed us in this game why Auburn’s Head Coach Bruce Pearl and Georgia Tech’s Head Coach Josh Pastner were present for this one. DME was headlined by Deabate, was probably one of the top prospects in the gym. He was a 6’10 strech forward who can put the ball on the ground and loved to attack the basket. His long arms and skill set created mis-matches all over the court. He was 1/3 of a Sophomore trio DME had to offer. Another player who stepped up this game was Senior Vadim Clanet who shot the ball really well. You can tell Clanet is the shooter and with his quick release it takes him no time to stuff up the stat sheet. Also good guard play was displayed in Malcom Farrington who played at a good tempo. Once he found his rhythm he really got it going and was able to score in a multitude of ways. Cherif Kanoute was another sleeper and sophomore for this unit that played quick and lost the defenses of heritage. In the end This DME team was too deep for Heritage as they had 9 diff players on the court vs 6 for Heritage. A deep sleeper for this team was C Moth-Seck. You can tell his skill set and package was still raw, but the more he is in the gym and works on his game he to can be a stretch 5 once its all said and done. He rounded out that sophomore trio.

Heritage on the other hand did not have one of their best shooting nights which is what they are known for. First time really seeing Lance Terry, known as one of the better shooters in the state couldn’t really find his shot this game. What is impressive with lance is that knowing his shot wasn’t falling he was still finding ways to impact the game and get others going around him. His footwork is next level, he moves exceptionally well without the ball and when he has the ball you can tell he is a step ahead. Big man Dowuona held his own as much as he can against the twin towers DME offered. Dowuona is a big man who can move, crashes the glass well and can come up big on the defensive end. Once he adds to his frame he can be able to bully some defenders and get more scoring chances for himself. The potential is there. Kasen Jennings came up big in this matchup for Heritage as well. Once he got comfortable and things started going for him he displayed everything in a future prospect. He was patient in making a play, a good defender, and loves to attack the basket. Kasen was very quick and has nice size to him as well. Its scary so many of these players are just soph and juniors meaning they have nothing but time to develop and continue adding to their game before they reach the next level.

DME Academy
Malcom Farringhton 13 PTS 2 REB 4 AST
Vadim Clanet 13PTS 4 REBS
Cherif Kanote 9PTS 4REBS 1 AST
Moussa Diabate 17 PTS 7 REBS 2AST
Moth-Seck 6 PTS 4 REBS

Kasen Jennings- 12pts 4reb 6ast
Eb Dowuona- 12pts 10rebs
Lance Terry- 15pts 2reb

Team of the Day

Carmel Christian

Carmel Christian in my opinion could of made a strong case as one of the best teams in the GYM period. This is not an exaggeration, EVERY player on their team was built like a d1 running back prospect and they used that to their advantage. Before the game even tipped off you can tell these boys are different, their size can be an intimidation factor and have teams mentally defeated before they even start. Lead by seniors Donovan Gregory, Jake Boggs, Deangelo Epps, Marten Maide, and Reggie Perry, talent and depth is the last of their worry. Gregory is the athlete high flying player who gets a bucket whenever he wants. Epps was a little more technical, more of a break you down and score on you type player. Boggs was an underrated big man throughout the tournament who liked to get physical, work the block, and run the floor. Marten Maide aka Cool, Calm and Collected, brought the swagger and overseas game to this unit, while Reggie Perry was the enforcer and player who set the tone defensively and energy wise. This was a fun team to watch and the future is bright for them. All five seniors have also signed to play college basketball at the division one level. Some of the younger players to look out for would be, Ford Cooper who was very composed at point guard and has the tools to be a really good floor general, and Kenny Gwynn who had really nice size for his age as well.