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Meet the New Atlanta In Girlz Basketball

By: Jay Moore

The youth in Georgia girl’s basketball have created their own new Atlanta as well in the Georgia high school basketball scene. No disrespect to the class of 2019, but 2020, 2021, 2022, and even some players in 2023 are making a name for themselves. A name not only in the state of Georgia, but a name that rings bells across the country.
Class of 2020 host a slew of prospects ranked in the ESPN top 60 and another who is the Georgia 6A player of the year. 2021 is the young gunz of Georgia making noise every year since the arrived into high school. 2021 host ranked players, state champions, and players who are breaking scoring records before their 16th birthday. 2022 has one of the top prospects in the state regardless of class. Then 2023 has girl who has college offers, championship, and plays that make people take notice before she has walk through a high school door.

Cliff Harris (T.I. aka TIP aka King of the South) = AC Carter (5’10 G Wesleyan)
The Educated killer. A.C is one of the top players in the country, yet that does not stop her from going to one of the best academic schools in the country too. AC dominates games and has two state championships to show for how much she can affect a high school basketball game. Just like T.I rapping style AC is smooth, melodic, and methodical in her approach to the game. We as a staff have not seen many players think the game as well as she does. The kid always seems to be two plays ahead of everyone else on the court. Just like the political T.I, A.C. is able go play against any public school or private school and still dominate.
2 Chainz = Anaya Boyd (6ft PG Lovejoy High School)
The two Southside legends. Both products of Clayton County with exceptionally unique styles. 2 Chainz style is of rap is different than anyone else. He is exceptional amongst a group of exceptional talents. He’s witty, smooth, with a charisma that can charm anyone. Anaya’s game basically mirrors that on a basketball court. With her sheer size (6 foot tall) at her position she is exceptionally unique. When you put her in a room full of top prospects she easily draws attention. Her smooth game is likeable, different, but for sure makes you respect it. She and 2 Chainz both have carved out their own lane in the game, with a style that no one can duplicate.
Young Jeezy= Olivia Cochran (6’2 F Carver Columbus)
South Georgia has always been overlooked by Atlanta. Then they always send a legend to Atlanta and make their name and city known. Young Jeezy came at the height of the trap music era with his smooth street style. Now he is the OG and still manages to re-event himself to be at the top of the food chain in New Atlanta. With Atlanta being one of the hot beds for recruits, its young kids stand strong in the rankings and impact they are having on the high school scene. One 2020 that has come from South Georgia, (Carver Columbus to be exact) has made her name known. Olivia Cochran, is not just only one of the best players in Georgia but one of the top players in the nation. Her physical style is a lost are in the women’s game, but not in Olivia’s game. She embraces the contact. Still she is nimble enough to face up, take you off the dribble, or shoot the three. 6’2 and all muscle Olivia is simply a grown woman.
Gucci Mane = Genesis Bryant (5’7 PG Lovejoy High)
The hood legend Gucci Mane. Has made his own way. Gucci was never supposed to be a national super star. If you looked up what a rap superstar was before Gucci he was not that. Commercial he was not, he was the hood legend. The people made Gucci a superstar. No matter where you went in any hood they loved Gucci. The people related to him. In girls basketball the hood Gucci is Genesis Bryant. Go anywhere they know Genesis Bryant. She is a walking bucket. Commercial nah, Genesis has too many negative on her game for that. She not big enough, is she point guard or a small wing. Negatives are thrown at her just like Gucci. Go in any gym and ask any fan or coach what they think about Genesis Bryant. Each will tell you they love her. 5’7 115lbs, 6A player of the year, 2x All state, Clayton county player of year, 1,000 point scorer, and state champion the class of 2020 point guard has all the accolades to show for herself despite whatever any one may doubt about her size. Just like Gucci she always overcomes all the hate thrown her way.
Migos = Raven Johnson (5’10 Pg.) Olympia Chaney (5’9 G) , Brianna “Snoop” Turnage (6’1 W/F) Westlake High School
Quavo, Takeoff, Offset, Raven, Olympia, and Snoop in that order. Westlake has the hottest group of young hoopers in the state. Three power five Division One sophomores on one team. Early and fast success came from the three unique artist blending their talents together. Offset the unsung leader, a genius who orchestrates the group. Offset the muscle and style of the group. Then there is Takeoff the member who at times is overlooked, but once you take a deeper look he may be the most talented. Yet his laid back demeanor does not seem to care if he is the front or back of the group as long as the group is a success. The same for the three super sophomore. Early success came for the trio as they won a state championship in their freshman year. Raven Johnson is the Quavo to Westlake. Hands down one of the top point guards in the country not just the state of Georgia. Raven runs any team that she plays on like a well-oiled machine. Brianna “Snoop” Turnage, Offset the much different player than the rest. Not just different because she is a 6’1 wing/forward who can guard any position on the floor and impacts games on both ends of the floor. The swagger Snoop brings to the game creates a following like no other in the girls game. Olympia Chaney laid back demeanor is not the only thing that reminds you of Takeoff. Quavo (Raven) and Offsets (Brianna) swag overshadow a lot of the time Takeoff’s talent. The same can be said about Olympia, arguably one of the top 10 sophomores in the state of Georgia. Olympia is talented, her natural knack for scoring the basketball has garnered her division 1 offer from Ole Miss University and interest from multiple other power 5 schools. People see the talent when the take a close look but the way Westlake trio setup Olympia does not mind taking a back seat to the starlight.
Lil Baby= Mia Moore (5’6 Point Guard St. Francis)
Lil Baby has burst on the scene. Coming with consistent hits has made people respect what he does in the loaded youthful Atlanta rap scene. Mia Moore is a 2021 guard who has burst on to the scene this year with consistent stellar play. Her lighting quick speed has blown defenders and fans away.
Derez Deshon= Sania Feagin (6’4 Forward Forest Park)
Derez Deshon is not one of the first names when you think of the youthful Atlanta rap scene. He is not unless you are talking to the youth. Ask anyone under 25 about a rapper that making noise and they all will bring up the Clayton County product. The same can be said abought Sania Feagin. When you bring up the top 2021’s she is not one of the first names everyone thinks of, but when you ask the young hoopers they all talk about the 6’4 stretch 4. Sania is a rim protector from Forest Park High School (Clayton County) who has made a name for herself in the state and the nation. One of the lone 2021 ranked in ESPN’s terrific 25. Her game speaks for herself, the same way Derez music speaks for him.
Lil Yatchy= Demauri Flournoy  (5’6 Carrollton High School)
Check out Demauri state sheet from this year alone, you will quickly see that she is not the average sophomore. Demauri is a walking bucket. Standing 5’6 she is often overlooked because she is different being a smaller guard. The same way Lil Yatchy is overlooked for his different appearance. Their differences does not outweigh their beautiful talent. Demauri maybe the shiftiest player in the south. Her handles are out of this world and to think she is only in the 10th grade the sky is the limit for the Carrollton produce.
21 Savage= Kayla McPherson (5’6 Madison County) 
Different is the easy way to explain 21 Savage and Kayla McPherson. Different they are but the are both also talent. Regardless how much exposure they do or don’t have everyone around the country know who they are. Kayla is the highest ranked 2021 in the state of Georgia. She scores with the best of them, shoots lights out, and her the ball is on a string in her hand. Not to many people can say Mcpherson has many holes in her game.
Young Nudy= Essence Cody (6’4 Valdosta High School) 
Both Nudy and Cody are the new kids on the block. Young Nudy is known and loved by everybody in the Atlanta rap game. Yes he the newest face in a crowed Atlanta rap scene but he has created his own lane. Essence a 2023 6’4 C maybe the top 8th grader in the country and she resides in Valdosta Georgia. Essence game is light years in front of her age. She has poise in the post, can face up and shoot while also still having star appeal. Cody and Nudy both are making a statement to reassure that the youth in Atlanta are here to stay.

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