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These Falcons are ready to Fly………Pebblebrook Falcons

Coach George Washington and Pebblebrook were expected to be down last season after losing Collin Sexton, Jared Jones, and Drue Drinnon. I guess somebody forgot to tell “Swervin” Mervin James, Dwight “The Party Starter” Murray, Grant Howard, and Jalen Harper. The Falcons finished 26-3, Region Champs, and a march to the Elite 8. While James, Howard, and Murray have all moved on. This leaves Jalen Harper as the only returning starter, but he will get some help from Devin Gordon (McEachern) who provides some much needed shooting. The Sophmore class led by Point Guard Danny Stubbs, Guard Kaleb Washington, emerging wing Tyler Shirley (6’5) a wing to watch, and Jamal Clyce (6’5) who could be huge for the Falcons this coming season and Blake Hadley (6’6). This Pebblebrook squad could be one of the quickest team, he has had in a few years. While the Sophmore class will be counted on heavy, they are ready to carry the load along with 2 guys who been there before Harper, and Gordon. A betting man wouldn’t count out Pebblebrook, while Wheeler has brought in a influx of talent, and right now look to be the favorite to win the region. Westlake led by Chase Hunter, Quincy Olivari, Frank Anselem, and Dillion Hunter will be very dangerous as well. This Pebblebrook group could be a sleeper to burst somebody’s bubble, if the young guns come through it should get very interesting.

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