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TOC Player Report by Jaron Pierre Mathurine

Dwon Odom: The entire tournament Dwon was a blur. Just give him the ball and good things will happen. He showed many why he is considered a top player in the class of 2020 and also one why Coach Jonas Hayes got a steal at Xavier. A couple of spectators were even whispering how they feel he can play in the NBA, and if he continues on this path and continues to put up the numbers, I don’t see why not. Not only is Dwon so athletic, but he has a consistent jump shot that is reliable more times than it is not. If teams are able to slow him down and make him settle for a jumper he can do that along with the dunks and highlights. He is very vocal on the court and is also the energy guy. Dwon is already a household name so expect to keep hearing good thinks about him.
Jimmy “Tre” Clark: The fact that Tre came into this tournament without a single offer is still baffling. I got a chance to see Tre in the Buford Showcase and that is where he really caught my attention.Tre is so athletic, and smooth with the ball, you get lost in his game. From beginning to end he is attacking the basket, finding his big man Armani Harris down low, and just working defenses left and right. When evaluating a player you can also tell right off the bat if a player has a certain type of dog in them and Tre shows it. Even when celebrating, he flexes his muscule, let’s out exuberant screams, and even acts as if he is soccer superstar Neymar heading the bail. His ability to get to the basket is so next level it is scary. Many people have told me Tre was the backup to Kentucky guard Ashton Hagans, so his production took a dip, but Tre must of worked and paid close attention to Ashton because he is making the most of his opportunity. Showing his hops by throwing himself alley-oops during THE GAME. Tre has had enough of being underrated and coaches are finally taking notice. VCU was in to see Tre after his performances and I am sure the others will pick up. A stat lines like 27p 8ast 7 rebs, against some of the state’sbest will never go unnoticed.
Deivon Smith: Deivon is another one of those cerebral guards, that makes him very special. One the court, there is no playing, there’s no love for opposing teams, very few smiles, it’s strictly business with Deivon. He knows exactly what he is doing when he is on the floor and that is what makes him a special talent. It might look like Deivon let his man go by but chances are Deivon saw something to where he knows he can recover and make a block. He might catch a pass in open transition and coast his way to the basket but don’t be surprised if he finishes it with a windmill, its things like that why I label him cerebral. He knows eyes are on him so not only is he going to make the smart play he will also be sure to add a little flare to it. Deivon performances also earned him a few offers such as Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Wichita State.
Julius Reynolds: Julius turned into a personal favorites after this tournament. This is a kid who consistently made the right play and was a spark off the Berkmar bench. I mentioned in my tweet, idk if this team does scout reports or if Julius was just paying attention, but he shouted at his team for their attention and called out the play Shiloh had planned on running that ensuing inbound. Reynolds is a true difference maker for this team, whether its a game sealing rebound in traffic or a defensive play. He does a good job of handling the ball when needed as well, the IQ is there and if he stays in the gym, he will become one of the most lethal guards in the state.   Jaire “Roscoe” Eastmond: I try to stay away from the big names, but Roscoe was arguably the best PG in the building during the TOC tournament. Browse social media for his adrenaline dunk, but the question with Roscoe is becoming “what can’t he do”?? First step in guarding him is finding where he is on the floor, because after a miss or the inbound after a make you have within the blink of an eye to get back before he is scoring a transition layup on. Roscoe also loves to make the extra pass. This team as a whole moves the ball so well, it also shows why they have a new leading scorer almost every game. Anytime I see a player trailing Roscoe and thinking they are going to block his shot he puts it high up so that no one can get to it. He is not forcing his shot, all of the shots he took were uncontested, smart shots. Mid range, pullups, open threes, working you off the dribble then pulling up for the J, Jaire is living proof of what perfecting your craft looks like. His father doesn’t lead some of the best skill camps in the state for nothing.
Sam Hines: In the words of SUVTV own Sly the Sports guy, “All loses aren’t bad loses” and in my opinion Wheeler’s loss to Wasatch Academy might have been the turning point for this program. I believe in that game, that is where Sam Hines and Malachi Rhodes broke out of there shell. Battling with a monster like Sissoko, it gave them a chance to dabble in other parts of there game, and coach Thompson for Wheeler took notice of that. Ever since, Sam Hines has been a lot more aggressive and has become, a true scoring option for this Wheeler program. Why I like Hines a lot is because he is a true hybrid player. He works inside and then stretches out and can work you from the wing. He looks more comfortable with his pull up game, and he is very physical getting to the basket. Hines is his own man but he has a similar game to Meadowcreek’s Damian Dunn and that can be something Wheeler turns to later on in the year. Another thing that stands out about Hines Is that he is a junior. If he continues to improve and be aggressive as he is now, the rest of this year and upcoming summer can catapult Hines into the conversations with the bigger names of the class of 2020.
Chance Moore: I have been looking for so long on who I can label the next man up for when Anthony Edwards graduates and I think I found it. Chances name has been buzzing and many people have gravitated towards his game but I was finally able to see what all the hype is about. Its one thing to score 30 points in a game, but when EVERYONE knows you are the go to guy for a basket and you still drop 30, you have to be special. Chance ability to get to the basket and get to the line are next level. He can score on all three levels and he motivates his teammates all while doing it. Chance also a sophomore and will continue to develop and turn heads. I expect him to be talked about for a long time.
Peyton Daniels: Daniels is another name that has been brewing for some time. The sophomore can let it fly and he showed it dropping 30 points and connecting on 5 threes in the first half against Aquinas. To be so young, but so confident in your shot speaks volumes. He is one of the leaders on this team as a sophomore and that shows you the trust he has built with his coaches and teammates in such a short time. A sneaky lockdown defender as well, Peyton used this platform well to gain more attention. He was also able to pick up a offer from James Madison in the process.
Messiah Thompson: No one had a better weekend than the Messiah himself topping the event off with a 40 point performance. Along with Chance, everyone knows the head of this unit starts with Messiah but yet teams can’t figure out how to slow him down. Messiah gets EVERYONE involved and is one of the top floor generals in the state. He usually plays the entire game, rarely gets tired, and will do anything to get a win for his team. Only coming in at about 6’0 he knows that he has to expand his game to keep the bigger defenders on their toes. He will knock down the 3 ball consistently, get to the line and just find ways to create plays. You will get a workout watching Messiah with just how hard his effort is, but he def made a case for Overall tournament MVP, and he should lead this North Atlanta program to many wins in his final year.
Tyler Johnson: Having Tyler on SUVtv before the season started we had the leg up on Tyler Johnson early, but what he did this weekend was very impressive. Matching up against Chance Moore day 1, Tyler was ready to play from the opening tip. I mean this kid was scoring every way possible and even fighting down low for some points. Throughout the course of the tournament he avg. a double-double with points and rebounding. What separates Tyler is his ability to finish inside and out. Even when Tyler was on the bench, he continued to stay engaged in the games coaching teammates from the sideline. This is a kid that will do whatever it takes to win. He is very good with the mid-range pull up and plays with a attitude, he is not going to beat you doing 20 dribble combo sets its one move and a blow by. His frame reminds me a lot of Buford’s Marcus Watson, and with that size he can bully defenders more than the average player, but as a Junior Tyler still has plenty of room to grow. Look for this kid to be a household name.

Other Standouts
Armani Harris, Newton I feel a lot of coaches are waiting on Armani, because they are not sure what type of player he is. He is undersized at the center position, but he has that dog in him that makes him play big and use his size to his advantage. Armani is a sneaky athlete who is good for a few highlight dunks. He is very strong in the post and has good footwork as well.
Darius Garcia, Shiloh Another tough guard for this Shiloh group. He was very vocal and one of the better on ball defenders this tournament. In the championship game against Berkmar, he did not have one of his best shooting nights, but he also was not afraid to pull the trigger, and showed even on a bad shooting night he will not slow down, and will try to affect the game any way possible.
Toneari Lane, Shiloh Very aggressive. Loves to feast in the post and keep it in the perimeter. Solid midrange game. He is very physical and plays bigger than his size. If he expands his game and demands the ball more, he can be a player to watch out for. Also a junior so I am trusting the process.
Dara Olonade, Berkmar, Rebounding machine. Look for him and Reynolds to form a 1-2 punch for this Berkmar program. Nice size for a sophomore as well. Still raw on the defensive end, but if it all comes together, he can be one of the better bigs in the state.
Truitt Spencer, Berkmar Senior guard ran the floor very well. He leads this Berkmar unit and was among the leading scorer every game for them. Good senior leader and very vocal on the court as well. Can finish well around the rim and score on all three levels as well.
Chris Williams, Aquinas This Aquinas program continues to get better, and so is Chris Williams. First time I saw Williams at Hoopsgiving he showed some flashes, but as the competition got better at times you can tell he was still finding his place. Fast forward a few weeks later to TOC and Williams looks more aggressive, more hungry, and more in place. He continues to show his soft touch with the mid range J, and he also runs the floor very well. If he continues to develop and stay In the gym Aquinas has a big 3 that will scare a lot of people. Zy Wright has been tearing it up, Johnathan Taylor is a walking Double Double as a PG who gets 10+ points and 10+rebs a game, and now Chris Williams the dominating force inside that cleans it all up.
Tyrell Morgan, Langston Hughes Morgan was a monster in the matchup against Wheeler. Grabbing rebound after rebound he kept Langston Hughes in this matchup providing consistent second chance opportunities. He had his work cut out with Hines and Rhodes, but he held his own very well. He finished with 15pts but he worked for everyone of those points. Morgan makes a good compliment piece for Patrick Carter Jr., and although Langston Hughes did not have a hot run in this tournament they are still one of the better teams in the state, with a really good coach.

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